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Basics of Salomon

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For the Process Manager

Salomon is an indispensable tool for a person in charge of a complex metallurgical process, in which many variables interact and needs to be improved through the analysis of all the information that is produced day-to-day. The processes for which it has been developed and tested are the following ones: casting, forjing, stamping, HPDC, LPDC y continuous casting among others.

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The Starting Point: an Excel File

The only requirement to be able to use Salomon is to have a Microsoft Excel File that includes all the input data (process variables) and output data (objectives to be optimized). For this tool, it will be irrelevant where the file comes from. In fact, the gathered data may have been created, for instance, by hand or with an advanced data capture system. The important fact is to have it.

Experto en el proceso analizando datos en el PC con la herramienta Salomon

Data analysis: Easy and Simple

To work with Salomon, you do not have to be an expert in Data Analysis. Following a simple and clear working methodology that has been defined, you can generate new knowledge and extract your own conclusions. Therefore, you can determine the criticality of the variables, their operation and interrelations, in the same way as simulating what would happen when you modify the variables.

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